Team 212° "One Degree Matters"
RE/MAX Closers
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Team 212° "One Degree Matters" RE/MAX Closers
38582 Brett Way Ste B, Mechanicsville, MD 20659
Michelle Camaioni Gets Fired Up with Team 212°

What’s all the excitement about 212 degrees?

It comes from the fact that water is simply HOT at 211 degrees. Then, when you apply just ONE EXTRA DEGREE of energy, water boils and releases the awesome power of steam-which can spin a turbine and light up an entire zip code!

For us, the 212 concept is a powerful attitude toward life and business. It’s a way of BEING. We are a team of real estate agents who agree that an extra degree of attention, care and energy all make a huge difference in the real estate experience. We are committed to “Being 212.”

We ARE Team 212!

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