GREGORY SCHMIDT, Team Leader-Realtor
Twin City Real Estate Team
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GREGORY SCHMIDT, Team Leader-Realtor Twin City Real Estate Team
1228 Vierling Drive E, Shakopee, MN 55379
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From a young age, I have valued hard work and dedication and have always strived to be a person others look to for leadership and help. This has been something I carry with me each day in both my personal and professional life. I always bring 100% to everything I do and far surpass expectations.

As a business and Real Estate professional with over 10 years of experience I bring a wide range of skills to the table for everyone I work with. Having founded and operated a very successful real estate team I have working knowledge of all aspects of business and understand the importance of surrounding yourself with a tremendous team of equally hardworking and ambitious people.

It is my personal mission to continuously grow professionally and push myself and those around me to the next level. My clients and co-workers have always appreciated my outgoing nature and desire to never be satisfied with “good enough.” My expertise in sales, marketing, negotiations, and ability to problem solve and think outside the box have been the basis of my exceptional career.

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