Karen Evertsen, Sales Associate
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Karen Evertsen, Sales Associate RE/MAX GREATER PRINCETON
112 Village Blvd, Princeton, NJ 08540
The Condo King and Queen Team - The ONLY Townhome and Condo Specialists in Central New Jersey.

Karen Evertsen has been a multi-million-dollar producer and experienced negotiator with a proven track record in the central NJ real estate market for 29+ years. Karen's experience is extensive and has included representing estates, horse farms, homes, townhomes, condos, rental and investment properties. Karen in focused, direct and will tell you what you NEED to know to navigate the complex challenges of today's real estate market.

Approximately 15 years ago Karen established The Condo Queen™ brand after witnessing agents taking condo and townhome listings, throwing them on the secretary's desk in the real estate office, where they remained untouched. The agents clearly preferred to focus on the larger, more expensive homes. The townhome and condo owner's did not realize this however and their townhome and condo's received little if any attention. Karen decided that this MUST change. This is when The Condo Queen™ was established.

Approximately 5 years ago, Karen's husband Bruce joined her team, after retiring from Kraft Foods North America, and The Condo King and Queen was born! Karen's clients now receive the enhanced representation of not one but two experienced real estate agents. The response has been overwhelming. Client's get what they deserve the undivided attention of two experienced agents, Bruce and Karen Evertsen, not an inexperienced "team member". Focus is on the quality of representation of each and every client.

If you are looking to sell, rent or purchase a townhome or condo in the central NJ area please give us a call at 609-658-8934.

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