Pat Larosa
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Pat Larosa RE/MAX IQ
201 Old Country Rd Ste 201, Melville, NY 11747-2731

Many people don't start out in life as a Real Estate Agent, we have past lives so to speak. Our backgrounds help us to become the real estate agents we are today.
I have 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 5 dogs. Thank goodness only 1 dog and 1 child live with me. My business prior to real estate was in mortgages for 8 years.
I was a managing partner in a broker's company specializing in overseeing the staff, recruiting, training and putting out fires. After the financial crash I changed my focus to senior care. I worked for a company that helped families place their moms, dads, aunts and uncles into assisted living communities, home care or nursing homes.
I entered the real estate because of the families and seniors I worked with. I saw there was a great need for guidance of families who were faced with a relatives home of 50 plus years. I was able to help them sell the home, divide up the belongings either by donation or selling them and because of my elder care background I was able to give them direction.
I have extensive experience in the short sale market. Helping my sellers to avoid foreclosure. Many people don't realize that a foreclosure on your credit report not only lowers your score but it puts you in the high risk category for increased payments on car insurance, car payments, health coverage etc..and it follows you for years. In many cases after the home is auctioned off the seller is still be responsible for the balance of the debt of their mortgage to the bank..

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