Kellie Benedict, REALTOR
RE/MAX Purpose Driven
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Kellie Benedict, REALTOR RE/MAX Purpose Driven
955 E Main St Ste R, Lexington, SC 29072

Growing up I was raised in middle America. Started off my college experience in my home state of Ohio but quickly decided that Ohio wasn’t going to cut it for me long term..I wanted to explore the land in the great out west. So I up and moved to San Diego, California to finish up my bachelors degree and enjoy the sun and surf! There I met my husband of 25 years. After living for many years on the West Coast we decided that we were going to try living on the East Coast. So we moved to New England and enjoyed the people and delicious food! Next stop an island in the Caribbean called Dominica. We enjoyed the culture there for many years. Then we moved back to the states and started to raise our family. We ended up raising four children back in New England when it seemed as thought the snow would never end we picked up and headed south for warmer weather! Having lived in South Carolina for 11 years now I can honestly say I have found my home. The most interesting people, the southern way of life, the food, the mountains and the ocean. A state that is deeply rooted in history and it’s famously hot summers can’t be beat. I have had a lot of experience in helping people transfer from one part of the country to down here to the south. I know how to do it because I did it myself!

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