Sheryl Pitarresi, Associate
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Sheryl Pitarresi, Associate RE/MAX REALTY 9
4043 Hwy 9 N, Howell, NJ 07731
Real Estate Professional

Please let me introduce myself, I am Sheryl Pitarresi, a full time
licensed professional realtor. I recently joined RE/MAX Realty 9
located at 4043 RT.9 Howell New Jersey and could not find a more
honorable and on the mark company.

My background is strictly sales, being a Boutique owner for 15 years dealing with the public is my forte.After closing in 2000 staying in the mode of dealing with public I decided to go into real estate which I thoroughly enjoy. Real Estate is my passion.

As a realtor specializing in residential properties.I have always
brought abundant energy, creativity,dedication, experience and
personal knowledge to my work. You can be assured that I will
stay on top of all details to a deal, to provide a smooth and easy
going transaction.

Please do not hesitate to call me anytime on my direct line.I look
forward to hearing from you.I would love to be part of your journey
finding your perfect dream home.


Sheryl Pitarresi - Realtor

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