Michelle Garrity, Buyer's Advocate
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Michelle Garrity, Buyer's Advocate


1659 N 1st St Ste 8, Hamilton, MT 59840-3190
License #: RRE-RBS-LIC-24955

Why I Work in Real Estate.

Hello My Name is Michelle Garrity. First and foremost, I am a mother of two amazing kids that are the light of my life. So as a proud mom I often share stories of the cute, and funny things my angels have done. Second I am a legacy Realtor. Following in my parent’s footsteps I joined the world of real-estate in February 2013. After 20 years of hearing the importance of the Realtor’s job. I have developed an idea of what clients need. The most important part of my job is to be trustworthy. If you cannot trust me then how can you rely on me. Because of this I work hard to maintain my integrity, so when I say that this is what my research shows, not only do you know that this is honestly what I have discovered and that I have researched my data. The other thing that has become very apparent is that home buyers are thirsty for information. This has driven me to learn at least one thing today that I did not know yesterday. I do not know everything but if I don’t know it I can find the answer. Finally, my mother taught me that it is important to be flexible. The truth is you are not the same as any of my other clients. So I am committed to be flexible and work in a manner that matches your needs and not force you into a box.
I am a Buyer’s Advocate because the single biggest purchase most people make is their home, and you deserve to have someone walk beside you and be the support you need, regardless of if that is a teacher, a shoulder to lean on, an expert, employee or friend.

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Michelle Garrity, Buyer's Advocate


  • GRI: GRI- Graduate Realtor Institute