Stuart Greene
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118 Lindblad Ave Suite 200, Girdwood, AK 99587
Owner RE/MAX of Alyeska

Stuart Greene brings an exciting, innovative, and strong business-based background to RE/MAX of Alyeska. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Stu followed his sense of duty and dream to fly by volunteering to serve as an Officer and helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps. While in the Corps, he learned to fly and pilot the CH-46E transport helicopter, affectionately known as the Mighty Battle Phrog. After completing nine years of service, Stu followed his other dream of experiencing Alaska. He spent his first summer camping, fishing, and completing a successful summit of Alaska’s highest peak, Denali! Like many Alaskans, Stu immediately fell in love with the State and looked for an opportunity to stay. He soon found work as a commercial pilot flying the DC-6 for Everts Air Cargo and the Metroliner for PenAir, spending many hours flying out to Dutch Harbor and back. As careers often do, Stu began to spend less time in the cockpit and more time in the office. In 2012, he accepted a position as the Air Operations Supervisor and Aviation Contract Manager for Shell Oil’s offshore exploration project where he was responsible for all offshore helicopter operations and managed over $80 mil in aviation contracts. Supporting this project required transporting support staff from Barrow out to the mobile rigs and support vessels 130nm offshore through some of the most challenging weather on earth. To accomplish this, Stu headed a team that developed the first-of-its-kind FAA certified floating Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS), to allow the aircraft to execute offshore instrument approaches and land safely at their destination. Stu’s ability to innovate, get the job done, pay attention to detail, and drive continuous improvement translates exceptionally well to the real estate industry. Stu moved with his family from Anchorage to Girdwood in 2013. He is an enthusiastic member of the community and acts as the Executive Director of Girdwood 2020, a local non-profit, and volunteers as a member of the Alyeska Ski Patrol on weekends. Stu has one, and soon to be two children attending the Girdwood K-8 school and loves skiing, mountain biking, flying, exploring Alaska, and ringing his cowbell during weekend ski races on the hill. Five things you can count on from Stu Greene are service, integrity, attention to detail, passion, and fun!

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