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Please let me tell you about myself briefly.
I was a city kid born and raised in NYC to Italian immigrants. My father was a successful general contractor after many years of working hard and smart. He taught me the value of honest work and respecting all people. Being raised in NYC was certainly with challenges but also many benefits. Being exposed to so many cultures, religions, mindsets, economic backgrounds has certainly helped me to be able to connect with a variety of clients. Though secure in my own skin, I’m just as comfortable being engulfed in different experiences. My mother would often laugh because many times I would be eating Jamaican food such as curry goat and washing down with grandpa’s homemade wine. Lol, well my tastes have been somewhat refined but it certainly doesn’t change my core beliefs. I believe in God, family and country, and being open minded, knowing that each individual has his or her own experiences in life and views.
These core beliefs have helped me tremendously in my life’s path, whether it was in my service as a United States Marine, where I was awarded with many honors and graduated at the top of class. The most humbling forme was when I was awarded, The Band of Brothers Award, an honor given to the Marine by his peers, on the grounds of honor, respect, and “Espirit de Corp”, which translated means: A feeling of pride, fellowship and common loyalty shared. My family and I moved to Mt.Olive over 16 years ago, I commuted into the city as a construction Supervisor and engineer, building luxury high rises, infrastructure and the new Yankee Stadium. I have had quite a successful career. My wife and I raised our two boys in town and through the fantastic school system that we have in place. Our two daughters are moving up through the schools as well. Needless to say we love the town and the people. Having missed so much of both my son’s youth, working like most Dads and Moms, I decided to create a life differently with my daughters and be an active part of their lives and the community.
I always loved Real Estate, I’m an avid buyer, investor and student of Real Estate. I’ve bought and sold many homes personally, often rehabbing and reselling and occasionally holding. I was often frustrated with the industry and the created structure of home selling. Don’t get me wrong, many agents are really nice people and I’m always respectful of them. WHY ALL THE ANGST then? LET ME, LET IN YOU IN,ON THE DIRTY LITTLE SECRET. 80% of agents today are part timers (I would say barely part time). Can you imagine being a Mom or Dad part time? The thought of handing over one my single largest assets to a person who doesn’t “DO” Real Estate Sales everyday was scary. Imagine going to a dentist who only sees 5 patients a year? You will be busy and stressed enough with relocating, preparing, concerns of raising a family and everyday life. You should not have to incur additional stress and concern nor go on blindly assuming, the marketing of your home is being done daily? So instead of a single agent , I decided to hire a “Real Estate Team”, you know the flyers, screaming out I’m number 1!! I decided, OK I’ll give them a shot! After I was blessed by their presence in my property, I never saw or heard from them again, unless it was a call to lower my price. The Marketing? Yes, I was a little picture among 20 in already over saturated market. The team leader may have been good at one point but that quality sure didn’t trickle down. You ever ask them “how many homes they DON’T sell to get to the number they DO sell?” It’s an incredible number, 58% of homes in the Mt.Olive market DON’T get sold the first time they are listed. That’s Ridiculous! Would you ever bet $100,000, $200,000, $300,000 knowing you had a 58% chance of losing that money? Here’s where I really get agitated. After 6 months of a home not selling, the intrusions, the inconvenience, the keeping the house clean, the perceived value of the h

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Raffaele Ruggiero, Associate


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