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Do you love going home after a long day?

Does your home fit the life you have, and also the lifestyle you WANT?

If you're shaking your head and answering "no," you have two very good options:

A. Make changes to the house so you WILL love it again, or
B. Move to one that speaks to you and makes you feel good when you drive up to it or walk in the door. Guaranteed to improve your outlook and your life!

Need to sell your home and not sure which agent to choose? Comparing has always been smart and now there’s a quick and easy way to do it. Every agent is able to pull up their statistics for you. Think of it as a report card.
Ask me, or any other agent, to show you these 2 critical numbers:

(1.) Their Days on Market number which tells you the average length of time their listings are for sale until the sellers accept a buyer’s contract. You can look at the past year, 5 years, or their entire career. *Hint: Look for low market time. Studies show that being for sale a long time hurts you. Buyers think there is something wrong with your house and offers get lower and lower.

(2.) Their Percent of List Price or Percent of Original Price number tells you how much the seller actually received compared to the asking price. *Look for a high number here. Agents who intentionally overprice homes in order to get your business, (yes, it happens regularly) will have lower numbers than those who price correctly.
While it’s human nature to want the most you can get for your home, unsuspecting homeowners sometimes end up getting hurt because they want to believe it's worth more than is realistic. The numbers don’t lie.
Overpricing definitely helps that agent to get more listings and have their signs all over town. But it also hurts that seller who will end up being for sale much longer than necessary, and get considerably less money than if they priced correctly at the beginning. Don’t fall for it.

Be smart! Ask for the numbers and educate yourself first. Any agent who either won’t show them to you, or has no idea where/how to find them, would never get my vote of confidence.

Here are some number to compare:

The Greater Erie Board of Realtors, which includes all member agents in 2016:
The average seller got 94% of listed price.
The average market time was 101 days.

My stats for 2017:
My sellers averaged 97.9% of listed price.
My average market time was 32 days.

While the numbers can change often, the trend created by the agent’s actions doesn’t vary too much.

Please reach out anytime if I can answer questions or give you additional information. It would be my pleasure and privilege to help you to love going home AGAIN!

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  • ASP: ASP- Accredited Staging Professional
  • CRS: CRS- Certified Residential Specialist
  • SRES: SRES- Seniors Real Estate Specialist



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