Renzo Naimo, Realtor/ Owner
RE/MAX Ace Realty
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Renzo Naimo, Realtor/ Owner RE/MAX Ace Realty
4333 W Lincoln Hwy, Downingtown, PA 19335-5501
License #: RS319241
Call the Ace to Sell Your Place!

I am an outside of the box thinker. I typically take an analytical approach and use logic to solve problems. I excel in math and understand numbers well. I like staying busy and productive. I have owned and operated a multitude of businesses over the years and still do this. I like to run a tight ship and I’m always looking at improving methods and systems to gain more efficiency. I am competitive and prefer to be the best at anything I do. I often refer to the "do it right or don’t do it at all" philosophy.

If you’ve ever played poker and were dealt all four aces plus a wild card then you know of that “can’t lose” feeling. That is what it feels like to work with me and my team. Just remember to

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