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6001 Claymont Village Dr Suite 10, Crestwood, KY 40014
License #: KY-77563 IN-RB16000374

Dennis Denton REALTOR RE/MAX Real Estate Center IN & KY

The beginning of your personalized, home discovery experience starts with a single click. Suddenly, your REALTOR has now joined you on your path, providing guidance through potential perils, and together, you will claim the piece of this earth, destined to be your own. With great care shall you keep, and your claim will always be known as "home".

There's no place like it, so I have been told.

If you have been seeking the REALTOR that will provide you with the pinnacle aspect in a successful client relationship, then we are glad you have arrived. Whether you are joining just our community, or this has always been called home, we are committed to you receiving that aspect when the time comes to relocate.

The Denton Team believes that key aspect to achieve a successful transaction, is for you to feel provided with exceptional service. Dennis & Jes strive passionately to provide a memorable service experience to every home seeker that they meet. One that will create a long lasting, and personalized, business relationship, allowing for recollection of fond memories, when you are thinking back to the moment when handed the keys to your dream home.

Service to the team means honesty. Being available, and on time. It's calling back and showing up as promised. It is attention to detail, focusing on your needs and priorities, with honesty and integrity never in question. Committed to offering a less-stress home buying or selling experience, that you have to share your story with family and friends. Referrals are the ultimate compliment that we provided you with a service you want others to experience.

The Denton Team pursued real estate, feeling that previous career and life experiences had paved a perfect path to be matchmakers, bringing people and houses together, so the house then becomes "home". Utilizing knowledge from over 15 years in finance, insurance, and service industries that prioritize building lasting, "win-win" relationships with clients, and the transition was a success! Dennis & Jes are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your home story that you share with the world.

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Dennis Denton, REALTOR ®



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