David Morton, Associate


David Morton, Associate


10130 Mallard Creek Road Suite 210, Charlotte, NC 28262
License #: 213092

David L Morton,The Best Listing Agent in Charlotte NC!

I started this journey 21 years ago as a second generations Realtor and I never looked back.I have enjoyed the great pleasure of growing up in one of my favorite places in the world: Charlotte NC Metro area, and in Waxhaw, NC specifically, where I've called home now going on 10 years. Where else can you find fabulous restaurants, great entertainment, warm and friendly people, top quality schools, beautiful parks, cool architecture? I know......you might be thinking of several exciting world cities but I truly love this one and I'm proud to work daily for my clients, helping them buy and sell.

My very inquisitive and adventurous nature has been good to me. I've traveled all over the world and visited many places. I have cave tubed in Belize, snorkeled in Costa Maya surrounded by killer Jellyfish, I'm kidding about the killer part, drank Starbucks in Puerto Rico, and explored ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. I've also leap-flogged around the Turks and Caicos on a scooter and I had the pleasure of hand fishing with the residents of Grand Turk.

I've been lucky: I've lived all over this great city, North, South Charlotte, and Waxhaw NC, I currently enjoy my morning coffee in the greatest part of town my home in Waxhaw.

Most of my days are spent working with delightful clients, chatting with lawyers, reading over home inspection reports, viewing homes, negotiating contracts, putting a SOLD sign on a lawn or passing keys over to ecstatic new homeowners. I finish my day by coming home to a super supportive wife Jen and my kids, Laurin, Ava and my other daughter Kayleigh, attends Auburn University.

David L Morton

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David Morton, Associate


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