Joseph Avery, Associate
RE/MAX Titanium
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Joseph Avery, Associate RE/MAX Titanium
1 Park Ave, Brockport, NY 14420-1913
License #: 10401309501
It's All About Your Needs

Looking to Sell?
The right buyer can't purchase your home if they don't know it exists. Each property I list receives a unique and customize marking plan designed to specifically sell your property for its maximum value. Give me a call today and I'll provide you with a free market analysis. Lets get together and discuss the perfect strategy for selling your home.

Looking to Buy?
I know you're not just looking for a house, you're looking for a home. Whether you're looking to buy now or just starting your research, let me help you find the home you love and deserve. Together, we'll find the prefect size and style in the neighborhood and community where you'll feel at home.

Service Areas:
Brockport, NY
Hamlin, NY
Greece, NY
Hilton, NY
Spencerport, NY
Gates, NY
Kendall, NY
Holley, NY
Henrietta, NY
Victor, NY
Farmington, NY
Fairport, NY
Pittsford, NY
Brighton, NY

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