Timothy Frey, Realtor
RE/MAX Realty Services
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Timothy Frey, Realtor RE/MAX Realty Services
7270 S US Hwy 1, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952
License #: SL3330272
I dont waste time I know what a good investment is

My name is Tim I am a scuba diver and treasure hunter. Father of 3 and married over 20 years to my partner Jennifer
I was born in New Jersey and am from a family of real estate investors. I flipped many homes before they called it flipping, to me it was just a normal thing to do. Now I help people to find the right property to invest in or live in.
I consider myself a go getter and innovator I don't like conflict or wasting time. I like to get it done.
I attended College of Boca Raton Graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 1991
I have lived in Florida since 1986 and have a vacation home in Grand Cayman, Oklahoma and soon in NY, currently I find Air BNB to be very interesting concept.
Retired the first time at 38 and then I realized kids were expensive, and would need to get back to work.
I love marketing and figuring out what makes people react to my messages , this makes me an inventor also and a risk taker.

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