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Paul Weir, Associate RE/MAX Performance
776 B Freeman Lane, Grass Valley, CA 95949
Cal DRE# 01842775

My name is Paul Weir and I became a licensed real estate agent in April of 2008. I love the adventure I get to partake in with my buyer clients as we intimately explore all aspects of their rural dream and their vision therein. As we explore acreages together, with their specific goals in mind, throughout Nevada County, taking all aspects of rural property development, management, and enhancement into consideration. It can take many months to several years and I have a current record of 4.5 years that stands as the ultimate instep real estate relationship I could have ever asked for. This client, who became a close friend, is Cathe' Fish, and she had very specific acreage and home goals and we both knew it might very well take some time. Neither of us knew it would be 4.5 years, but we still laugh and smile about all those many properties we looked at together and all the properties we didn't simply settle on too and when the right one came up, we launched ourselves together into it. We held out for the right place and that made all the difference. That kind of relationship is priceless to me.This is what I like most about real estate.

I have worked for a large national real estate company previously and had also been with a small private regional real estate company. I have seen quite a lot of variety within these experiences. For the last five years, I have been on my own and recently decided that I wanted to be a part of something more dynamic and capable of supporting my clients across the board. After sitting down with several other brokerages, John Renwick, co-owner of RE/MAX Performance, and I met for a lunch and enjoyed a nice meal, but more importantly, a great conversation and by the end of that time together I knew John was the real deal. He was kind, considerate, thoughtful, intelligent, aesthetic (like me), honest, collaborative. experienced, generous, focused and committed. John explained the type of company he and his wife Teresia were continuing to envision and the office culture that was very important to them as well. He shared that I was the kind of agent he was looking for and that he believed I would fit in very well. I knew in my heart that these were not just words, but that he meant every bit of it. RE/MAX is a Real Estate company built on the premise of an "Agent-Centric" model vs the old 'get out there and do something for the brokerage' standard. I find this revolutionary, empowering and simply refreshing. This is what brought me to RE/MAX, but not to just any RE/MAX, RE/MAX Performance.

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