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Big Six Mile Marina. Located off Whitehaven Rd on Grand Isle with easy access to the Niagara River. - Grand Island, NY Grand Island, NY

Grand Island Area Insight

  • Colleen Collier
    RE/MAX North
    Every wonder what its like to drive down a parade route?

    Check out this video from the perspective of the car driver.

    Its easy to tell where the popular spots are along Grand Island Blvd. Make sure to find your spot early if you are looking for a prime spot near the Grandstand.
  • RE/MAX North
    This lovely community was built from the 1980s to recent years around a championship golf course, with the Niagara River and a state of the art marina within a block of the entrance to the subdivision. Half acre lots are nestled inside the River Oaks Golf Course and many are wooded. The homes were all custom built by a variety of builders. You will not find an upscale "neighborhood" where you can dock a boat and play golf like this, except maybe in Toronto or Chautauqua Lake, and they'd be much pricier. I know the area well since I sold many of the original lots when the street was built and the homes over the years. I lived there for a while too, and would never have left it, except to move directly on the river, which we ultimately did!
  • One of the few restaurants in western NY offering New Orleans style cuisine.The owners had a booming restaurant in New Orleans but evacuated after Hurricane Katrina. Grand Island was home to Jen and so after a brief hiatus they decided to open a restaurant on the island and what a success it has been for them. Whether you are in the mood for Jambalaya, Gumbo, BBQ Pork or Crab Cakes, you will find it at Dick & Jenny's! One of the many unique Restaurant Grand Island has to offer!
  • Grand Island, NY
    There's nothing more beautiful than waking up every morning and looking out at the Niagara River! Coming home after a long day’s work and watching the sunset over the North Bridge. On a clear day you can see the mist from Niagara Falls. Many of us that live here call this the Platinum Coast!
  • RE/MAX North
    Living on "the Island" as locals call it affords an incredible view of the swift, powerful Niagara River. It is said to be one of the strongest currents of "navigable" rivers in the world...definitely one of the fastest currents in the USA. And it is still just fine for true recreational boating, fishing and swimming. Just remember...it is carrying all the water from Lake Erie to that great drop we call Niagara Falls! The Island itself has approx. 26 miles of shoreline!
    In fact, from the northern end of the Island, one can view the large plume of mist from "The Falls" itself and from the Southern tip you can see the skyline of Buffalo! A true view of this spectacular 40 sq. mile island can best be seen from the water....as most WNY boaters can tell you.
    It's just three miles downriver from the northern edge of Grand Island to the actual Falls.
    You can easily go to an unbelievable amount of destinations from the Island by boat without
    going anywhere near those dangerous cataracts!..... From Lake Erie to PA, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan to the other Great Lakes, Canadian shoreline on West Niagara River...right into the Erie Barge Canal Tonawanda entrance, all the way to Albany and Lake Champlain (500+ miles just in the gentle, scenic canal!)
    Shorter trips include the Buffalo Harbor, the Buffalo River...Erie Basin...all endless destinations to recreation, restaurants, concerts and nature...you choose....we are a fab Waterfront town!
  • RE/MAX North
    The Grand Island Bridge crosses one mile over the mighty Niagara River. It was built in 1935. Prior to that time a ferryboat was the only access to the island. That made the island slow to develop compared to other suburbs. Some people complain about the tolls but the Islanders have an old joke that this toll keeps the "riffraff" off the island. Islanders get a very special discount on the tolls anyway.
  • Grand Island, NY
    Grand Island is one of the few communities that offers sports for handicapped children. The Miracle League of Grand Island and Western NY offers a baseball field with a rubberized safety surface so kids with all kinds of disabilities can enjoy America's pastime!

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