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Milltown Area Insight

  • Heather Pitts-Schon
    RE/MAX Dreams
    Great news; Milltown is getting a jumping place! Keep your eyes out for the grand opening of
    Urban Air Trampoline Park which will be in the same plaza as the Target. Get your family and friends and jump your cares away!! It's fun for the whole family!
  • Heather Pitts-Schon
    RE/MAX Dreams
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    Milltown, NJ
    Summer has begun and what goes best with summer.... Ice cream, of course!
    So while out and about this summer. Take a ride over to the Ice Cream Depot in Milltown located at 87 Washington Ave, Milltown. In my opinion one of the best places around. Good price for a great treat!
  • There will be many emotions swirling around Milltown in the upcoming weeks. Whether the patrons of Milltown feel regret or relief, the historic Michelin Factory will see it's demise starting this week. See the article below.
  • Milltown is a sought after historical community located on the borders of East Brunswick and North Brunswick. It's about 1.6 square miles and has a population of roughly 7,000. It is a peaceful, close-knit, family friendly town with an excellent school system. Milltown was named one of the top 10 towns in NJ to raise a family. You'll often find that residents refer to it as "Mayberry".

    In the center of town, you'll find our top-rated schools, bakeries, restaurants, shops, yoga, salons and more. Homes are typically priced from $200,000 to $500,000. You'll find Colonial homes built in the 1800's to new construction. Milltown is conveniently located to a variety of shopping, major roadways, Rutgers University, NYC and the Jersey Shore.
  • Bruce Parker
    RE/MAX Best Realty Highland Park
    Enjoy the day at a town wide garage sale in Milltown. The sale is June 5th and 6th, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Milltown is a borough in Middlesex County, New Jersey with a population of 6,893. Milltown was incorporated as a borough by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on January 29, 1889, from portions of North Brunswick Township. The borough was reincorporated by resolution of the borough council on May 2, 1896. Milltown is known for its friendly town center. It is one of those towns where friends and family are valued. Enjoy fishing in Farrington Lake or many other outdoor activities.
  • Eileen Thomas
    RE/MAX First Realty
    Every year I run the Town Wide Garage Sale for the Boro of Milltown. This year it will be held on Friday June 5th from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and on Saturday June 6th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Don't miss it! It's a great way to pick up bargains - your junk is someone's treasure. If you're a resident and would like to sign up for the garage sale just purchase a permit at Boro Hall and you will be on the map that everyone can pick up on the days of the sale at Dunkin' Donuts and the Milltown Convenience Store both on Main Street.
  • Spring break is to the school year what Wednesday is to the 7 day week! It's hump day and it's finally here! A taste of summer, family times and kicking back and enjoying time off the daily grind.

    For us, spring break takes us back to the good old road trip. We pack sandwiches and overdose on snacks and junk food. We alphabetize highway signs, play I-spy and when all else fails we break out the DVD's.

    Before spring break many generous parents send classmates goody bags filled with treats and toys. Room parents prepare to host a spring party before the kids are sent off to enjoy a week of fun! It's a favorite time of year. Whether you are going on that Caribbean cruise, doing Disney, or road tripping like us enjoy your family and hug your children! Let every answer be - yes! Life is short "Play Hard, Love Hard"! Happy Spring Break!
  • 10. Joggers spotted: Milltown has tons of sidewalks, parks and great neighborhoods to jog. I usually spot a jogger at least once a week year round. Towards the spring you will see them more and more.
    9. Kids riding bike: Many parents give their children the privilege to ride their bikes to school. They may only be going a few blocks but it's great exercise and a great confidence builder.
    8. Less families using the drop off loop and more children walking from parking lot: Our school is fortunate enough to have a great drive-thru-drop-off system for the children. In the rain and winter months this is used very heavily and helps the kids get a few steps closer to school and spares mom and dad the soggy or freezing walk back to the car. As the weather gets nicer, more and more families are walking and waiting for the lines to file in.
    7. Buzzing sound of power tools in backyards: My all time favorite sound is the buzz of the first lawn mower and trimmer. Fresh warm air and sunshine are good for the soul! If you don't suffer from allergies, so is the smell of fresh cut grass!
    6. The sight of green grass: Green grass vs snow covered grass gets my vote any day!
    5. Dogs being walked instead of released into back yard: People walking dogs give their pets some time to socialize with other pets and take some time to catch up themselves...Howdy Neighbor!
    4. Population rising in the parks: Take a walk by a park and you will see the soccer games going again, teams practicing in the fields again and joggers using the track. Spring is on its way!
    3. People walking: People walking and taking a nice stroll just because is a great sign in Milltown that spring is heading our way.
    2. The sun lasting longer and longer each day! Daylight savings time is my third favorite holiday! Yes, it's a celebration. Sunlight past 5 pm means more energy, more options, more fun!
    1. There's always the guy wearing shorts in every circle! No matter what time a year there's always that guy wearing shorts. He stands out in the dead of winter, but now he's starting to blend in and he's giving us hope that spring has truly sprung!
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    Milltown, NJ
    On our snow day we decided to go for a family walk. We set out with cameras in hand and adventure on our mind. Family time in the winter can easily give way to excessive screen time, couch potatoes and boredom. We did not want to spend another snow day trapped indoors. When the sun came out we took that as our cue to get out and enjoy some of it.

    What happened today was straight out of an ABC family channel episode. We walked and talked while taking pictures of random interesting things. As we photographed a store front the shop owner came out with a basket of candy to give to the kids. Walking a little further we decided, impromptu, to stop at our local pizzeria for a large pie. The hostess told our children a story of how lucky they were to get pizza on a snow day instead of awful stew! Two patrons asked if our daughters are twins and we shared a fun exchange before leaving the pizza parlor. From our lunch date we walked back towards one of our towns hidden gems, the Milltown Foot Bridge. Seeing it unplowed and covered in snow was a bit intimidating...could it hold us? I stopped to ask the man whose house sits alongside the bridge and he assured us it was fine. He was pruning a bush by the way. Yes...gardening in the winter! We weren't the only ones with spring fever!

    Once we crossed the bridge we met a woman and her granddaughter, Savannah. The child was sledding and snow boarding down the hill of a front yard. We stop to speak with the woman. We learned that she missed her flight due to the snow and that her granddaughter was in the year ahead of my daughter. She offered to the let my girls take a spin on her new sled and snow board. They did and it's smiles all the way. We made three more stops from there and marveled at how wonderful a time we had on our family outing just by walking around town. There's simply nothing like it!
  • I am told that by this time last year we had already suffered (survived,endured,braved) 11 snow storms for the season! It's no wonder I am feeling so wonderful this time around! The sunny winter days have been absolutely breathtaking and rejuvenating.

    The first snow fall brings us another "Milltown Moment" to connect with your neighbors. These are the people who have been hibernating in front of wood burning stoves and big screen tv's. You never see your neighbors in the winter! Early in the morning the sound of snow blower's and scraping shovels sound the alarm. I love this aspect of the winter season. Everyone gets busy together and there is always a hero to rescue those of us still getting by without a snow blower. It's also an opportunity to help your stubborn old neighbor who thinks he's still young enough and healthy enough to shovel his driveway...but he totally isn't. We love to just take over and let him yell at us while we finish it off . We call him "crazy old man" and all laugh together. We feel proud of our work and strangely look forward to conquering the next snow fall together.

    It's those moments that remind us that even though we are all locked away in our homes for the winter that we are still neighbors and friends. It's nature's version of a winter block party. Stopping time to enjoy our family and neighbors. Even if it is just till the sun comes out and melts it all away.
  • Suzanne Pecora
    RE/MAX Country - Milltown
    One will surely get into the holiday spirit by driving through the historic town of Milltown. Snowflakes that line Main Street twinkle through the night as cars drive by. The tree shines bright with colorful lights as you pass the Municipal Building. You can almost hear the carolers sing on every corner.

    This is a community that shares the value of family and friendship. Driving or walking past all the homes is a must during this wonderful season. The doors and windows are all decorated for everyone to enjoy. This is a fun place to take the family and walk around town to view the sights and maybe even grab a hot chocolate!
  • Years ago when I moved to Milltown, I remember hearing the fire engine roaring through town. After about 10 minutes I began to worry that something really serious was afoot. As the sound grew closer I ran to my window. To my surprise it was Santa Claus on a big red fire truck, throwing candy canes and broadcasting holiday tunes from his perch! I thought to myself, "Wow! What a town!" There was a bright spotlight shining on the top that made the scene all the more magical as the fire truck drove through town, giving every girl and boy the chance to see jolly ole Santa.

    Christmas is definitely in the air and taking the kids into New York City to visit the tree sounds amazing this time of year. The bitter cold weather challenges that spirit, however, when you have small children to consider. Luckily, Milltown has its very own tree lighting at Borough Hall every year. This includes a visit from Santa Claus, hot chocolate and singing carols. It's a fun time and a great chance for the kids to see their friends from school. It's a wonderful time to visit and feel the family spirit that is ever present in this great, all-American small town!
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    Milltown, NJ
    It's expected on graduation day for your mom, dad, grandma and grandpa to come to the school, bring you flowers and cheer but what about on the first day of school? Milltown is a place where the community celebrates family! On the first day of school the parking lot and streets are packed. Some children are not only sporting their new clothing but their Sunday best! They are escorted with pride by their parents, grandparents and maybe even an aunt and uncle or two. Everyone stays to dote over their pride and joy. They catch up with friends and neighbors. They greet favorite teachers. Tears are chased away with words of encouragement or the awkward "don't cry". There are camera phones, disposable cameras and Hollywood grade cameras taking candid shots and video of the children in line and as they file into the building. The teachers do a wonderful job of writing letters to the students in their class or placing an individual call to each of their students the week before school. When the children arrive, it's a happy reunion for child and parents.

    School is in session! The summer season may be over but the family spirit of fun, love and joy is still in full effect in Milltown.
  • Everyone who owns a condominium or a townhouse knows that they will join the wonderful world of association fees. The fees can range anywhere from $50 to $350 a month or more depending on the association. In return, you will get your grass cut, access to the club house, tennis courts and the pool, if they have one.
    Milltown has the most wonderful city pool! It's a great deal if your budget allows. An entire family (mom,dad and children) can join the pool, for the summer, for under $400! No monthly fees or dues, just a one time rate. When you arrive time stops, the music is piped in and the good times roll. There is a waterside, mushroom waterfall and lap pool. There are reclining chairs, tables and umbrellas as well as two seated swings to relax and decompress. My favorite is the snack shack that serves real food! Burgers, hotdogs, cheesesteak, pretzels and drinks. There are changing rooms and bathroom stalls so you never have to leave. When I go to the pool, I am instantly transported to the Lido Deck of the finest cruise ship! It's truly the same environment minus the sea sickness. This pool offers swimming lessons for adults and children. You can reserve tables for a birthday party for a fee.They host a local camp once a week in the mornings before the general public arrives. There are even teen nights and adult nights for added fun and flair.
    This is fabulous for big families like mine! If you can't do that cruise or fancy beach get-a-away, access to the borough pool is a great alternative open 7 days a week!
  • Ask a Local Expert a question about Milltown.
    Milltown, NJ
    When we first moved to Milltown back in 2005 we had no idea what a close knit community we had come to. We got to know most of our neighbors as they walked past our home on their daily walk with a dog or as a couple. They would stop and chat with us and tell us what street they lived on and how many years they lived there, or if they grew up in Milltown. Some grew up in the very house they were raising their own children in. Quite fascinating indeed! During one of these many chats I shared about our wonderful plans to go camping during 4th of July weekend. My news was met with a gasp and a question! You are going to miss the 4th of July parade? I had no idea what my neighbor was referring to, but I felt quite bad that I would be missing it.
    The following year I was careful not to miss the parade, but I was still somewhat unprepared. It seemed the entire town was standing on Main Street and there was music, different service groups, children marching, and fire engines and ambulances blowing their sirens loud, representing their precinct/engine. What an amazing display of patriotism and pride. The following year and every year since we have been in attendance. We are "pro's" now, so that means we bring folding chairs, water bottles, sun block and bags to collect the candy being tossed to the children from the floats. It's a second chance at Halloween in the summer. There are Tootsie Rolls, Dum Dums and more! When I first arrived in Milltown I was quite anonymous, flying under the radar, but now I can't walk to or from the parade without waving several times and stopping to chat to neighbors and friends. Now I am that lady scolding the new comers if they haven't made plans to attend the parade on Main Street! The festivities continue in Borough Park throughout the day and the fireworks later that night are noteworthy! What better way to impress your BBQ guest by walking them to the center of town for the best fireworks show right here in Milltown?
  • Ask a Local Expert a question about Milltown.
    Milltown, NJ
    Living in Milltown feels very much like being a character from the old sitcom Cheers, “Where everybody knows your name”. It is truly something to see when a daughter, her husband and children live on one end, her brother and his wife live on the other end, their mother and father live in the middle, and great aunt lives just a little further down...not just in the town, but on the same street! Children walking from house to house sheltered by the security of loving family and watchful neighbors. Milltown is a family town. Getting a wave from neighbors and passersby are the norm as you travel to and from home. It takes some getting used to if you are a newcomer, but be prepared to return all the waves you receive from warm Milltowners as you walk, jog or drive down your street.
  • Deana Calandruccio
    RE/MAX Country - Milltown
    Small town charm in modern day, forty minutes from New York City, forty minutes from the Jersey shore, and forty minutes from the Pocono Mountains. Milltown is a highly desired borough to live at in Central Jersey. It is in the center of the state and surrounded by New Brunswick, East Brunswick, North Brunswick, and South Brunswick. Milltown is a borough rich in history and sits a cozy 1.5 miles along the Lawrence Brook, which is a tributary of the Raritan River. You haven't experience Independence Day if you have yet to experience it in Milltown! The celebration begins in the wee hours of the morning and concludes with an extravagant firework show which entices many from neighboring towns to enjoy! There are many activities for adults, as well as children throughout town. The numerous parks and pools are filled with laughter throughout the spring and summer. Minutes away from the New Brunswick train station, as well as local and commuter bus lines stopping numerous places throughout town. Restaurants, night life, stores, shops are all within five miles to Milltown. Don't wait any longer. Come visit Milltown today and you will fall in love with its character, history, and charm!

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