Tiny Home Improvements to Keep Your Summer Living Cool

If you’re trying to beat the heat in your tiny home over the hot summer months, here’s some good news: It’s relatively easy to keep a small space cool while staying off the grid. With a little pre-planning using the tips below, you will stay cool in your tiny space through the season.

Location, location, location. Beat the heat by positioning your tiny home in just the right spot. Grab your compass to determine the direction – the long part of your house should face north and south with the short side pointing east and west. During the summer, the sunrise is due east, then moves a bit in the winter, rising in the south.

Shade, shade and more shade. Look for shade in all the right places. Start with your tiny home’s natural surroundings – look for trees to block the sun and reduce wind. During the summer, turn down the heat by parking your house on grass surfaces instead of black asphalt. Up to 30 percent of unwanted heat comes through windows. Using shades or curtains can lower indoor temps by nearly 20 degrees if you keep them closed. Choose a sun screen fabric as added protection to keep the rays out. Planting shrubs and bushes around the exterior of your tiny home helps to keep sunlight off the walls. Plus, the water collected by and evaporated off the plants adds an additional cooling effect around your home.

Paint the roof white. Ever notice that in the southwest all the homes are white and so are their roofs? The color white reflects the heat – the slight temperature change could help you get a little comfier in your tiny home’s sleeping loft. You can buy a tiny home model with an existing white roof or paint over a darker color.

Take a quick dip. Even if you’re a tiny home owner, you can still own an outdoor pool – well, sort of. Look at one crafty tiny homeowner who used a standard galvanized water trough or stock tank to create his own outdoor escape. All the parts cost less than $150.

Bring on the A/C. An air conditioner may make some tiny homeowners grimace at the thought of plugging back in to the grid. But, used as a last resort, a small window A/C unit or a portable air conditioner on wheels is economical – in a tiny house. It’s so efficient to cool a tiny space, so don’t worry about the added $5-10/month additional cost in maintaining a comfortable temperature if it means you’re comfortable when temperatures rise. A portable air conditioner has casters, so it seems better suited for a tiny house because it can be simply moved around the house.

In the market to call yourself a tiny homeowner? The Tiny Home for Tiny Tots auction is your chance to bid on a one-of-a-kind home with all the sale proceeds donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. There are so many great benefits to homeownership, even if it’s tiny home ownership. Talk to your RE/MAX agent to find the right home for you.

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