RE/MAX Unleashes the Power of its Network in Groundbreaking 2019 Ad Campaign

There’s certainly a lot to love about the 2019 RE/MAX advertising campaign. There’s the clutter-busting messaging, multifaceted targeting, and even a couple of Hollywood veterans adding a distinct touch to the ads themselves.

And that’s just the start. Among all the groundbreaking goodness of the 2019 campaign, perhaps most impressive is a new resource that enables agents to create personalized 15-second video spots.

“The customized digital videos are a first in real estate. I don’t know of anyone else doing this,” says Jesse Dillow, Creative Director for Camp + King, the award-winning creative ad agency behind the RE/MAX ad campaign for four years running. “These videos are truly innovative when it comes to personalized marketing.”

The messaging and imagery for the custom videos are taken directly from the multimillion-dollar “The Sign of a RE/MAX Agent” national campaign. Agents personalize the spots with their photo, preferred brand logo (standard logo, The RE/MAX Collection or RE/MAX Commercial), contact information and top three competitive advantages. They even pick a choice of music. It all adds up to a staggering 5,000+ combination options for agent customization.

Learn more about customizable videos for RE/MAX agents in ABOVE The RE/MAX Magazine.

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