Keepin’ Your Tiny Cottage Cozy in the Cold

By: Leigha Staffenhagen

There are a dozen words to describe your tiny home – teeny, petite and piquena – but, one word you don’t want to forget when it comes to smaller spaces is – cozy. It’s easy to achieve a cozy vibe – just picture fluffy blankets, soft lighting and a warm cup of tea. As the temperatures drop and the snowflakes fly coziness, becomes even more essential. There’s so much to learn about tiny house living, these top tips to easily turn your tiny home into a cozy cottage that keeps the cold outside and the cozy inside.

String Up Some Lights
Bright, natural light is readily available in the spring, but not so accessible in the winter. The season is known for providing us with shorter days and less sunlight. Instead of reaching for the light switch, add warm, inviting light in the darkest days of winter. While you could go opt for traditional Christmas lights, there are a variety of stylish string lights designed specifically for interior decorating. Plus – string lights can help you save space in your tiny abode because they’re not as bulky as floor and counter lamps.

Small-Space Heating
While your tiny house is probably already equipped with an HVAC system, nothing says cozy like watching the flickering flames of an electric fireplace. Small and mostly maintenance free, mobile electric fireplaces are safe and a little cozy to your life.

Cozy-Up Winter Decor
Nothing says cozy winter decor quite like a fluffy area rug or weighted blanket, seasonal wreaths, holiday scented soy candles and winter-themed banners. The warm ambient light of candles will freshen up your home with pine and cranberry scents of the season. Try a DIY wreath project to save you a bit of holiday cash. Think about the cozy you are letting out through your windows and doors – invest in plush, thermal curtains to increase your warmth factor.

Bring in Some Green
In the dead of winter, your outdoor garden looks a little bleak. Don’t wait for spring to bring around green, add some indoor plants to your tiny space. Not only do they clean the air and are beneficial to our mental health, but by bringing the outdoors in, you can beat those winter blues. Some of my favorite easy, indoor plants include spider plants, snake plants, devil’s ivy, succulents and Christmas cactus.

Protect Your Outdoor Space
Sometimes you just need to get away – but if you live in an area with cold or wet weather, it’s a struggle to get outside. Consider installing a deck or pergola to extend your living space at a low-cost, year-round. Add in an outdoor heater, a farmhouse table and some solar lighting and you’ll have a great place to host, even in the dead of winter.

Learn more about tiny house living and ways to add some holiday cheer to every room in your house.

Bio: Leigha Staffenhagen is the managing editor of, a homesteading and sustainability site focusing on everything from gardening and raising chickens to tiny homes and off-grid living.

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