It’s Tax Time! 4 Great Apps for Tracking Expenses

Eliminate the stress and mess of organizing your receipts. It’s easy to snap a quick photo of your receipts with your mobile device. Combine that with a snazzy app for managing expenses, and you just made your life a lot easier.

Whether you want something that scans and sorts receipts, exports data to Excel spreadsheets or automatically tracks your mileage, options abound. Here are four of the best expense-tracking apps.

Deductr Pro

  • Automatically sorts expenses into deductible categories
  • Keeps a real-time estimate of tax payments
  • If using a dedicated business credit card, Deductr can link to the account and track expenses
  • Uses your phone’s GPS to track and sort mileage


  • Captures and sorts expenses with very little user effort
  • Offers an option to integrate bank and credit card accounts automatically
  • Easily export docs and spreadsheets to Excel or Dropbox via the web portal
  • Monthly plans start at $5 per month


  • Auto-files and sorts data into searchable and customizable folders
  • Extracts data from scanned and uploaded documents
  • Automatically collects recurring expenses and includes an invoicing process
  • Works with QuickBooks and Xero, minimizing data entry
  • Monthly cost varies according to your plan


  • GPS functionality for tracking mileage
  • Scans photo receipts and reconciles banking and checking accounts
  • Keeps a running tally of deductible expenses
  • Cost is only $100 annually

Don’t forget: April 17 is tax day 2018!

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