Incredible innovation facts about Dubai You must Know

If there is one place in the Middle East that has everything and anything to attract the businesses and prosperity it is Dubai. The country has shown the world how development is carved and cultivated to make a no man’s land an every man’s paradise. It has shown progressive signs of development a=in such a manner that none of us could have ever imagined off.

Incredible innovation facts about Dubai

Every now and then Dubai comes to the limelight for adding another great feat to the list of its achievements. If you have been to Dubai or had a virtual trip to the lands of the Arab’s, you must be aware of as how strikingly incredible the place is. However, if you have done none of this and wondering what all we are talking about, here are some great facts about Dubai that will introduce you to its fast pace advancements:

Dubai & Real estate:

People Surprised to know how well the real estate business performs in Dubai. Out of every 4 cranes in the world on is locate in Dubai. Almost 25% of the cranes in the entire world are employed in Dubai to support its real estate business developments.

Palm Island:

Dubai boasts of its excellence while representing one of its great inventions, the Palm islands. It is the biggest artificial island in the entire world.


Burj Al Arab:

Another marvel of the architectural richness of Dubai is the incredible Burj Al Arab. Interior renowned building is adorned with 1,790 square meters of gold leaf. This leaf is made of 24 Karat gold.

The pricey possessions of the Dubai Police:

Dubai is the land of luxuries and the people there have the most wonderful cars of the world. Dubai Police has their own pricey possessions. Some of the valuable assets of the Dubai Police includes Aston Martin One-77, Lamborghini Aventador & Ferrari FF.

The population:

Surprising to know but Dubai does not have many residents of its own. As per a study, around 85% of the Dubai population is a foreigner. This 85% primarily belongs to India, Bangladesh & Pakistan.

No to child labor:

Finally they used robots for jockeying. Just for your knowledge, each of these robots cost around $300-$1000.

Burj-Khalifa dubai
Credit: Dailymail

Burj Khalifa & Ramadan

The half a mile long and 160 storey building in Dubai, The Burj Khalifa is one of the great architectural marvels to admire.

People living on the 150th floor or higher floors of the building have to wait a little longer to complete their roza during Ramadan.

Climate Controlled city

Dubai is meticulously working to develop a unique climate-controlled city which will be spread over an area of 4.45 sqm. kilometers & more will be air conditioned entirely.

Indeed these achievements make Dubai a great nation. The ideas for inventions of Dubai are not only magnificent but also commendable in terms of usage of resources.

This all information about Dubai would have made you fact fully rich and motivated you to visit this incredible land of wonders.

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