How to Try Out the Curated Look

People talk about going home for the holidays, but it’s often the traditions of the holidays that create a home wherever you are. In this eight-part series, RE/MAX is taking a look at things that make a house a home and how each one can add to your seasonal celebration.

Share your personal story with guests by incorporating souvenirs and photos into your decor. This style is called the “curated look,” and it happens to be very on-trend at the moment. Here are some suggestions for curating your home:

1. Remember: the quirkier, the better

Your home should reflect your individuality and journey through life, not a department store catalog. Frame your stash of wacky diner menus from around the world. Or hang your kite collection from the ceiling. The more unique, the better.

2. Be unexpected

Use items in your collection in ways other than their intended purpose to add a level of creativity to a room. Your antique porcelain chamber pots? Fill them with flowers. Fashion wine bottles from special occasions into chandeliers or candle holders. Have mirrors cut to replace the strings on your old tennis rackets for a true reflection of your taste.

3. Think about size

When gathering treasures to display, try to mix up the size of the items or photos in a grouping to add visual interest.

4. Light it up

Make sure the lighting does your photos and treasures justice. Picture frame lights come in so many styles you can even carry your theme through your hardware. Lights for inside cabinets and shelving units ensure everyone can admire the details of your collection.

5. Start with a single item

Lack a collection but have one item you adore? Start with that piece and build a room around it, based on the color or style of the item. Hit flea markets, or the internet, with a purpose.

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