Honoring Dad: What He Really Wants on Father’s Day

Sunday’s the big day for honoring Dads, or anyone else who played a dad-like role in your life.

If you’re short of ideas how to celebrate Father’s Day, here are a few suggestions based on an informal survey of three dads:

  • Mow my lawn for me.
  • Take me out to a ball game.
  • Buy me a tie. (No, really.)
  • Lottery tickets.
  • No fighting. (This from a father of three boys under the age of 9)
  • Give me a hug, an unexpected one.
  • I grill, you clean up.
  • You cook, I watch golf.
  • Control of the remote control for the entire week.
  • A photo of us together.
  • A six-pack I don’t have to share.
  • A pass from housework for the rest of June.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Dads want love, care and just a little bit of recognition. Sort of like the rest of us.

Happy Father’s Day to all of them!

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