Gail Liniger: RE/MAX Pioneer

Many words aptly describe the role Gail Liniger has played in building the global RE/MAX network of more than 115,000 sales associates in over 100 countries and territories.

Co-Founder. Leader. Partner. Visionary. Businesswoman. Role Model. Inspiration.

To celebrate Women’s History Month, here’s one part of Gail’s story – a chapter just a decade into the development of the world’s premier real estate brand.

In October 1983, Gail was severely injured in the crash of a small, 3-person seaplane in Canada. The pilot was killed, and the other passenger had a crushed hip and bruised kidney. Gail suffered a head injury, partial paralysis and shattered bones. She was in a coma. Doctors said she might never walk again.

Here’s what happened next, as chronicled in “Everybody Wins, the Story of RE/MAX“:

“Gail was flown to Craig Hospital in Denver on a special plane. A new routine took shape as the long months of rehabilitation and recovery began. The doctors told Gail she should get used to life in a wheelchair. Gail told them again and again, struggling to get the words out, that they were wrong – when she left the hospital, she was going to walk.

“By March, Gail was out of the woods. She left the hospital, using a cane and support casts, but on her own power. It was one of the most remarkable recoveries the doctors and nurses had ever seen. Most people would have been content just to be alive, but Gail wanted to be part of the game again.

“The annual RE/MAX convention was in Orlando, Florida, that year. When Gail was wheeled onto the stage on opening day, her head shaved on one side, her smile angelic, the cheering and crying was thunderous. The miracle was not only on the individual scale; it gave a sense of possibility to all of them. RE/MAX had struggled and fought through so many desperate moments over the past 10 years that few outside the inner circle might have given it any odds of survival. There was a feeling, in the middle of the applause and tears, that the company they had fought so hard to build had finally turned a corner. The only proof any of them needed was smiling at them from up on the stage.”

That sort of ovation has greeted Gail Liniger at every convention since. More than 30 years of them.

As Co-Founder and Vice Chair, Gail is at RE/MAX Headquarters every day, helping lead the organization forward – with grit, resolve and a history worth knowing.

Happy Women’s History Month.

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