Four Ways for Diehard Fans to Celebrate March Madness

If you or someone you know plans the month of March around a college basketball tournament every year – you’re not alone.

Many hoop fans around the country don’t just love college basketball, they pour their hearts and souls into the game. Certain fans are even part of a multi-generational family legacy of sporting their alma mater’s colors and foam-fingers while singing the school’s fight song and traveling thousands of miles to watch their team play in the conference.

Why do we anxiously await this season every year? It’s madness, but to a college hoops fan it’s March Madness! The tournament brackets are set, your favorite college team is on its way to the “Big Dance,” and you’re certain to be celebrating the pure joy of victory one minute and the bitter agony of defeat the next.

Some say basketball fans are crazy, but anyone who has ever hugged a perfect stranger in a passion of celebration after your team’s buzzer-beating winning shot knows that it’s worth every single minute!

RE/MAX has the assist with our top four picks to help you root for the home team like a champion:

1. Go big or go home!

Even though everyone but the championship team eventually goes home, March is a basketball fan’s fantasy. Now is the time to go big – bust out the team colors, let the banners fly and get hopped up on team spirit to keep the fandom alive between games.

2. Is your TV game up to par?

You may find several TVs on inside a fan family’s house during tournament days, especially if it’s filled with fanatic fans. Make sure the tubes are tuned into multiple games. Guests will likely carve a pathway through the house keeping pace of every game, tracking winners and losers and trying to keep their brackets up-to-date.

3. Be ready to relive the joy.

Be sure to set the DVR to record so you don’t miss a moment. You’ll want to replay each dunk and three-point shot if your team makes it to the Sweet Sixteen. And if they lose? Delete.

4. Host a watch party.

Even if you’re super serious about college basketball, there’s still a way to root for your team while welcoming fans into your home who cheer for another. Don’t foul out by taking sides. Invite your guests to wear their favorite team jersey and celebrate team wins. Don’t be surprised when guests pace, cheer, scream and even cry over the course of one game – it’s madness, March Madness!


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