Four Home Fixes You Can Hire Out for Dad This Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, help your dad knock a few items off his “Honey-Do” list. Here are four household tasks you can easily hire out to allow him a day of fishing, golf or grilling out for a very special Father’s Day.

  1. Gutter Cleaning and Repair – Full of leaves and who knows what else, gutters require constant maintenance. It’s not a hard job but one that takes time. And it’s not until you get torrential rain that you know the spots on your gutters that need full repair. Make a call today and have a local gutter service wipe this one off his list.
  2. Landscape – Most dads take pride in trimming and mowing their own lawn. But, hedges require detailed shaping, trees need to be pruned and some unruly weeds are best left to the experts. Find a landscape company who works the neighborhood and can refresh your front and back yards.
  3. Build Out the Deck – Is it just too hot for your dad to entertain guests on his deck? Build a Pinterest board with some deck covering ideas and call a local deck and patio company to talk through your options. An awning or pergola will allow him more grilling time in the shade and could add value to the home.
  4. Finish the Basement Man Cave – There’s no better Father’s Day gift than his very own man cave. If it’s been on the list for a while, now’s the time to give him the hideaway he deserves. Use an online service or ask for referrals to find a company that will finish your basement for your dad’s gym, home theater or game room.

There’s always more you can do, but you get the idea. Dads want love, caring, and just a little bit of recognition. Sort of like the rest of us.

Happy Father’s Day to all of them!

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