It’s Black Fri-Yay! Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Killer Deals

Okay, all you bargain Black Friday shoppers–AT-TEN-TION! We’ve got holiday specials on aisles one, two and three and your list of holiday gifts aren’t going to check themselves off the list — you’re ready for this — your shopping chakras have aligned and all your training has led you to this moment… it’s time to bargain hunt! We have the top tips that will put you two steps ahead of those other bargain shoppers:


All those other shoppers need to move aside–you’re a VIP on Black Friday! You don’t have to pass GO and collect your $200 because you’ve already done your research and know exactly what you’re looking for-thanks to a sneak peek at the upcoming deals. Most retailers will send out exclusive ads before Black Friday to entice shoppers, so make sure you’re on the email lists of your favorite retailers. Now’s the time to compare prices and streamline your shopping spree.


Your smartphone can help you snag some super deals. Take a tour of the Facebook pages or Twitter feeds of your favorite shops–or download their app and search for keywords like “Black Friday” and “doorbuster” to sniff out the sales.


Make that list and check it twice because it’s going to help you stick to a budget! Avoid buying extra gifts on impulse. Take note of doorbuster deals and visit the store’s website or call ahead for open hours. Don’t forget to read the fine print, bring all coupons with you and save receipts for easier returns.


You got this! Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself before the crazy crowds. Tap a shopping partner so you can split up to take advantage of competing deals. Pack snacks and water to help you brave the lines a little easier and don’t forget to dress comfortably–check the weather, layer and pick out comfy shoes.

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