5 Tips to Throw a Fabulous Friendsgiving

Traveling home for the holidays isn’t always feasible due to finances, scheduling or any number of other reasons. In recent years it’s become a trend for friends who stay in town to gather together for holidays that have traditionally been family affairs. If you can’t make it home for Turkey Day, consider gathering your crew for a Friendsgiving meal.

Here are a few tips:

1. Invite early.
People book up quickly during the holidays so don’t wait. Send an invitation (electronic or stamped) to your friends three weeks to a month before the feast to be sure they can join you.

2. Delegate.
As host, etiquette dictates that you provide the turkey and gravy. Don’t worry — ordering one from a restaurant or gourmet market is fine, too! Your guests can provide everything else potluck style. An online list can help your friends divide up dishes to avoid any repeats.

3. Empty your fridge.
It’s a good excuse to start feasting before the festivities. You’ll need room in your fridge and freezer on the day of the party, and afterwards, for all those leftovers.

4. Make a schedule.
Breaking down the event into small tasks you can schedule (some even before the big day, like setting the table the night before) reduces the stress of hosting duties. Follow your steps, stick to the timeline and have fun.

5. Don’t forget the gratitude.
Set out a bowl and index cards during appetizers and have guests list things they’re grateful for — sincere or silly. Between dinner and dessert, take turns reading the cards out loud.

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