5 Excellent Solutions For Organizing Your Messy Garage

If you’re like most people your garage will look like an absolute disaster. It’s the reason everyone tries to avoid going in unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re smart you’ll do something about it instead of wasting a perfectly good room inside your home.

The main thing everyone needs to do is ensure everything is organized. You won’t feel anxious about the mess if it doesn’t exist. The only question is how you’ll approach it. Here are a couple of excellent solutions you can take advantage of right now.

The Ceiling Shouldn’t Be Empty

When you walk into a garage there are things lying all over the place, but there is one exception to the rule. Look up at the ceiling and the most you’ll find is a lighting fixture, which should tell you something.

The ceiling inside your garage would be a great place to store things. You can keep all your valuables in the sky in case the room floods. It will free up tons of space on the floor too.

Start Renting Certain Appliances

A lawnmower will be used on a regular basis, but how often will you use your pressure washer? You only need to clean the garden path on a yearly basis. It would be cheaper and save you room if you rented certain things.

Think about this carefully when you want to buy anything new. If you already own the appliances it’s going to be different, but once they need to be replaced you can avoid buying any that would be cheaper to rent.

Multiple Storage Boxes

One of the trickiest things when you walk into a garage is finding what you’re looking for. You have your auto parts mixed in with your cleaning equipment and it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

You need to separate everything into different storage boxes using some kind of category system. It would also be excellent if you kept your boxes on trolleys because wheels let you move them around.

Throw Out All The Garbage

Sometimes a garage can turn into some kind of elephant graveyard. It’s where all your old stuff goes to die even though you could get rid of it. Don’t be afraid to throw out things you never use.

If you haven’t used something for a certain length of time it’s unlikely you’ll ever need it again. If throwing out old possessions feels wrong you could try selling them on eBay, or giving them to charity is another idea.

Easy To Grab Your Tools

There are a couple of different ways you’ll want to store your tools in the garage, which will depend on what they’re used for. If it’s simple DIY tools you should attach a magnetic board to the wall so they’re easy to grab.

You’ll also have your gardening tools, especially large ones you can’t throw into storage boxes. There are multiple ways to hang them from the wall, but even attaching a wooden board to the wall and hanging them from sturdy nails will do.

It’s A Shock To The System

Once you get rid of things and organize your garage effectively it’s going to be a shock to the system. You’ll automatically realize how foolish you’ve been all these years. Fortunately it’s not too late to get your act together and you can start right now.

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