4 Things Only a Realtor (and Not the Internet) Knows About Real Estate

According to the National Association of Realtors, 42 percent of homebuyers start their home search online, and 92 percent use the Web during the home search process. While the Internet can be a good place to start looking, there are things real estate agents know about the process of buying and selling a home that can’t be found in any Web browser.

Here are a few.

1. How to price a home

When setting a listing price, agents consider scores of factors, from local and national market trends and neighborhood development activity to the latest buyer preferences for kitchen appliances and landscaping. Every home is unique, and an agent with a track record of success knows how to price it attractively in the market.

The Internet isn’t always much help when it comes to comparison shopping, either. Many of the same factors that help an agent set an appropriate listing price aren’t available in an algorithm, so online estimators aren’t always accurate — and could be costly if you purchase without consulting a real, live professional.

2. Marketing offline

While online marketing can certainly be valuable, agents have networks of contacts and years of experience to round out their marketing plans.

And, for buyers, agents often can tap into their network to learn about great properties before they hit the real estate websites or even the MLS.

3. Key points in the process

If you find a home you love online, the website won’t be there to guide you through a mortgage application, find a home inspector or advise you what to do if an inspection reveals issues.

4. How to negotiate

Having an experienced, professional negotiator drive your transaction can be vital to reaching a fair price for the property you’re buying or selling. A website can give you an estimate of how much a property should cost, but it can’t evaluate whether that’s a great price or not.

One way the Web is helpful in real estate? Finding a great agent to work with. Start your search here.


  • Michael Lee says:

    My wife and I are thinking about putting our house for sale and I agree that it is important to have a real estate agent. I didn’t even think about how the real estate agents network can help you sell your house quickly. This is also something to consider so that you know that you have an agent with a nice network.

  • Realestate says:

    I love that you mentioned that a real estate agent will be able to help a lot especially handling contracts because they do it almost every day, so it will just be easy for them to understand and explain it to their client.

  • Larry Weaver says:

    Thanks for explaining that real estate agents have networks of contacts and years of experience when it comes to marketing. I would really like to find a home that is away from the city, has plenty of land, and can fit a family of five. Because agents have such a great network of contacts, I’ll speak with a realtor to help me find my dream home.

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