3 Tiny Home-Friendly Cities

The tiny home lifestyle can sound appealing to potential homeowners who are looking to live more minimally. But many are stumped when it comes to answering the question “where do I put my tiny home?”.

Zoning laws and building codes vary from state to state, with some cities being more tiny home-friendly. If you don’t plan on traveling with your tiny home, and parking it as you go, one of these established tiny home communities may be a great option.

Walsenburg, Colorado
After eliminating a zoning code prohibiting buildings smaller than 600 square feet in 2014, Walsenburg, Colorado, became the second town in the United States to do away with its square-footage minimum. This tiny home community may be the answer to the housing shortages that Colorado mountain towns are experiencing.

Detroit, Michigan
Like Walsenburg, Tiny Homes Detroit is hoping their community will address some of the city’s low-income housing needs. The tiny homes are rent-to-own over a seven-year period with rent based on the home’s square footage.

Flatrock, North Carolina
The Simple Life tiny home community, located about 25 miles north of Asheville, is taking off as a multi-generational community, welcoming millennial minimalists and downsizing baby boomers. The Village sold out in 2018, but new phases, including The Meadows (including a community garden) and The Grove, are being developed.

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