Valerie Wells, Associate


Valerie Wells, Associate


1810 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
License #: 0225228996

Let's Start your journey home!

Valerie Wells moved to the Fredericksburg area twenty-four years ago with small kids in tow. Suddenly, being a single parent of four in a new city, Valerie rolled up her sleeves and put on the many hats she had to wear.

Valerie describes herself as a GOD praising, caring, compassionate, strong-willed, independent woman who wishes life could be a musical where all conflicts could be solved with song and dance; but, since that’s not realistic, she uses her strong problem solving skills to resolve conflicts.

Valerie has four wonderful kids, adults now. Raising them alone she had be both mom and dad. It wasn’t easy going it alone, but using strong organizational and communication skills and a lot of patience and sacrifice, Valerie learned to master the art of working and raising four kids on her own.

Valerie became a grandmother during a very turbulent time in her life, God sent this ray of sunshine during the dark time. With perseverance she moved through the rough times.

There are many more hats, but let’s talk about what this has to do with real estate.
As a realtor, Valerie’s life journey has helped prepare her to understand the needs of the single parent looking for that perfect home, the patience to help the particular keep looking until they find what they are looking for, the communication skills to listen and understand the needs of the client and compassion and understanding when clients have to sell there homes.

Now let’s go find your house, you’re home.

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Valerie Wells, Associate