Oscar Beltran, Associate


Oscar Beltran, Associate


10910 Ben Crenshaw Dr Ste C, El Paso, TX 79935-3048
License #: 0562764

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Born and raised right here in El Paso, Oscar feels a deep connection to this city. Being bilingual and being brought up in this rich mix of culture has allowed Oscar to fully embrace all the great things that make El Paso unique. His commitment to service is unrivaled.

Coming from a customer service background, Oscar started his career as a Customer Sales Representative for a national wireless service provider, where he learned the value of listening to customers and serving their needs through effective communication and implementation of better practices. Eventually, this led to an opportunity to manage 7 stores and 25 employees for a T-Mobile authorized representative. During this time, Oscar was running a promotional/concert business as well as putting himself through college, where he eventually earned a double major in Marketing and Management from The University of Texas at El Paso.

As a college graduate with a degree in Marketing and Management, Oscar decided to pursue a career in real estate and received his real estate license in 2006. He immediately signed up with the company that most embraced his standards of quality and excellence, RE/MAX Associates. Today, Oscar is still going strong with this company, making sure that his clients' needs are met and interests are thoroughly protected.

You can be assured that Oscar will be able to help you achieve your goals, regardless of market conditions, unique challenges or special circumstances..

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Oscar Beltran, Associate



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