Steven Miller, Associate

RE/MAX 100

Steven Miller, Associate

RE/MAX 100

5575 Sterrett Pl, Columbia, MD 21044
License #: 653917

Scott O. Miller & Associates

Prior to becoming a Real Estate agent, I worked in a completely different industry: the culinary and hospitality world. Because of my background, I bring a little more to the table than your typical agent. As a chef, I had to continually negotiate the best pricing and quality from my vendors. Managing multiple purveyors and the ever-changing scenarios that present themselves in a fast-paced restaurant takes a special kind of talent for multi-tasking, one honed through years of customer service experience and hard work.

My clients know that they will be informed of all potential scenarios, because if there is one thing I don't like, it is surprises, and neither should you! What I know, you will know.

Having grown up around real estate, I had more than passing familiarity with the Real Estate world- most teenagers couldn't tell you a thing about Capital Gains taxes, prime rates, or the implications of international trade agreements on the local economy. I stood apart, and was selected in High School for a prestigious internship with the Federal Reserve Bank. My career took me from theory-based economics to the real world of supply, demand, price competition, and marketing. To say the least, I have seen what the market can do, and how it can grow to build wealth for my clients.

The team of Scott O. Miller and Associates has 40 years+ combined, flawless experience in Central Maryland. A family team, Scott, my father, is our team leader. He has over 38 years of experience selling real estate in Maryland and has appeared as an expert witness for multiple real estate-related legal proceedings in the Maryland. My sister, Lauren, is our licensed real estate assistant.

Our buyers know our expertise and experience in negotiation will get them the best price on their new home and our sellers know our comprehensive marketing plan will get them the most exposure, with the most eyes on their home for sale in the industry.

Trust the team of Scott O. Miller and Associates to take care of your family as if you were our own.

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Steven Miller, Associate