Susan Goiser - Region Vice President, RE/MAX Florida, RE/MAX Georgia


Susan Goiser oversees regional operations in the RE/MAX Florida Region and the RE/MAX Georgia Region.

RE/MAX career:

Susan joined RE/MAX Franchise Operations in 2004 as Franchise Development Consultant for the RE/MAX Central Atlantic Region, which includes Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and West Virginia.

A year later, she was promoted to Senior Franchise Development Consultant and worked in various capacities for the Region until 2007, when she became Assistant Regional Director for the RE/MAX Florida Region.

In 2012, Susan shifted to the other side of the country, becoming Assistant Regional Director of the RE/MAX Pacific Northwest Region, which includes Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Five months later, she was promoted to Regional Director there.

In February 2013, Susan was named Director, RE/MAX Franchise Operations for the RE/MAX Florida Region, a post she held until she was promoted to Region Vice President in September 2013. Susan added RE/MAX Georgia to her responsibilities in late 2016.


Susan grew up in Columbia, S.C., and moved to Dallas-Ft. Worth to attend Texas Christian University, where she received bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Business Administration.

After graduation, she embarked on a successful career in marketing, business intelligence, analytics and strategic business planning. Her experience includes management positions at pre- and post-merger Verizon, and managing brand development for the online product launch of Travelocity.

Susan moved permanently to Colorado in 1999.


When she’s not working, odds are Susan is somewhere in the mountains. In the summer she rock climbs – she’s scaled peaks in the Rockies, the Tetons and Yosemite. In the winter, you’re likely to find her on skis, sometimes at areas accessible only by helicopter.

Susan enjoys scuba diving, golf, playing the guitar and singing. She also devotes an impressive amount of time to local charities and philanthropic causes.

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