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RE/MAX Name Used in Online Rental Scam

June 2 2013

An international, online rental scam using the RE/MAX name has come to our attention. The scam begins with an apartment listing on a classifieds or apartment-listing website.

After responding to an advertisement for a rental property, the potential renter is told the transaction will be handled by a RE/MAX rental transaction service or a RE/MAX company.

After more emails with the apartment “owner,” the potential renter receives another email that appears to be from RE/MAX, LLC or a RE/MAX company. This email claims that the rental “transaction” has started and gives further instructions on how to submit payment to receive rental documents and keys.

Of course, no documents or keys arrive.

Another variation of this scam includes a fake rental contract with instructions to send money via a wire transfer at your bank or through a payment system such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

RE/MAX offices or agents are not involved in these scams. This is not a legitimate offer so don’t send money.

As a general rule, never send money for an apartment you haven’t seen or to a person you haven’t met. And if you believe you’ve been involved in a scam involving the RE/MAX name, please email

In addition, contact the apartment listing website where you found the ad and make them aware of the issue.

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