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Beware Email Login Scams

June 2, 2013

RE/MAX is concerned about your security and safety on the Internet and aware of several email scams that exploit the RE/MAX brand in an effort to gain consumers' email login credentials.

Consumers have received emails, which appear to be sent from the recipients' known contacts or from "" or "" addresses. The subject lines for these emails are often vague, such as "RE: Check New Properties Around You," "RE: check out this remax listings in your area," or, "RE: Hot Property Alert!"

The emails often contain misspellings or are not grammatically correct and invite the recipient to click a link to view property listings or items that are up for auction.

This scam involves various landing pages, and may display RE/MAX logos or logos of various email providers. The pages request your email login credentials, such as your email address and your email password. Do NOT enter your information.

Be mindful that you should only use your email address and your corresponding email account password to access your email, not to view anything else online. As a general rule, it’s smart not to use the same password for different online services.

RE/MAX and other reputable organizations will never ask for your email password through company websites or via email.

With all online transactions, you should be cautious when clicking on ANY link in an email you receive. If you are concerned that a link is suspicious, you can hover your mouse pointer over the link and your email program or browser will display the landing website address.

Practice care in evaluating such landing page addresses though, as scammers will use popular brands and industry terms in their web addresses in an attempt to fool you into thinking the page is legitimate.

If you’re in doubt about the origin of an email or landing page, the best practice is to call the person who sent the initial message. If a sender’s email account has been compromised, it’s possible the scammer will write back to insist on the phishing scheme’s legitimacy.

Please report any suspicious emails that feature the RE/MAX name, RE/MAX logo, or RE/MAX hot air balloon to

Examples of the Phishing Email

Examples of Fake Login Pages




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